Steps to Perform Umrah

Steps to Perform Umrah


* In order to perform the initial requirement is that person should have to be Muslim because non-Muslims are not allowed to enter in Makkah. When a Muslim intends to perform minor pilgrimage and reaches at the station of Meeqat either by ship, land or by air, pilgrims should puts on Ihram and takeoff their clothes.

* A pilgrim must enter into the sacred state of Ihram before going ahead from any meeqat boundary, those who are coming by air it is advisable for those to wear ihram at airport. Once a person enters in ihram many allowed things becomes prohibited for him or her and should have to follow all the conditions of ihram. Make sure that in the state of Ihram do not use any kind of fragrance like perfume, scent, fragrance soap, shampoo, lotion, cream etc.

* Before leaving the station of Meeqat, pilgrims should begin to chant Talbiyah. This chant continues till pilgrims reach the Holy Kaaba, after reaching there perform Tawaaf or circumambulation. Male pilgrims have to uncover their right shoulder while performing the Tawaaf.

* Pilgrims do Tawaaf of the Holy Kaaba seven times and each time Tawaaf begins from the sacred stone The Hajr-e-Aswad or also known as Black Stone. It is a Sunnah to kiss the Black stone or Hajr-e-Aswad, Pilgrim must not stick physically to Black stone, stay away from irrelevant activities which are not part of Umrah. While performing the Tawaaf pilgrim should have to be mindful of ALLAH Almighty and Umrah is the blessed time period of asking forgiveness and begging ALLAH Almighty for His mercy. All Pilgrims are advised to avoid talking idle and unnecessary, do not laugh, avoid backbiting and making fun of others, keep this in mind that you are on sacred journey and at the most blessed and sacred place and this is a once in a whole life opportunity which must not be wasted or squandered heedlessly.

* It is highly suggested for men pilgrims to walk with quick and faster pace in the first 3 circuits of tawaaf. When seven rounds of tawaaf are done, male pilgrims should now cover their shoulder and offer two rakaat nafil salah behind Maqam-e-Ibraheem or well known as Station of Ibraheem. Because of the great influx of pilgrims in Makkah it impossible sometimes to prform namaz behind station of Ibraheem due to huge throng, in this situation it is allowed for pilgrim to offer namaz anywhere they get place near Maqam-e-Ibraheem.

* After offering namaz pilgrims should go to well of zamzam for drinking the Zamzam water as it is the most blessed on earth and has great religious importance and health benefits. Pilgrims are advised to drink water of zamzam to fill their thirst.

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