Shifting / Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2022

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£5695 pp (TBC)

14 Days Economy Non Shifting Hajj

Makkah Hotel: (Full Board)

Burj ul Sultan

Madinah Hotel: (Full Board)

Al Mukhtara International

Departure: 05/06 August 2022

Return: 19/20 August 2022


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£5390 pp (TBC)

21 Nights Budget Non Shifting Hajj

Makkah Hotel:

Diamond Al Ahram

Madinah Hotel:

Al Eiman Ohud

Deprature: 27 July 2022

Return: 20 August 2022


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£6695 pp (TBC)

14 Nights Gold Non Shifting Hajj

Makkah Hotel:

Swiss Makkah

Madinah Hotel:

Anwar Madinah Mövenpick

Deprature:05Th Aug 2022

Return:19Th Aug 2022


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£6995 pp (TBC)

14 Days Gold Non Shifting Hajj

Makkah Hotel:

Pullman Zamzam

Madinah Hotel:

Dar Al Taqwa

Deprature:05/06 Aug 2022

Return:19/20 Aug 2022


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Cheap Hajj Package Deals for 2022 - Low Cost Offers for Non Shifing Packages

Islam is a complete and comprehensive religion of the world as this deals every corner of one's life. The Muslims have to have faith completely in all the pillars of Islam as to make them real believer. There is no choice for them to negate anyone of the Pillar established by the religion. Five paramount pillars are believe in Allah, prayer to Him, Fasting for him, charity to deserving people, last but not least a holy visit to Makkah and Medina for performing hajj. All the mentioned props have their own significance as they put impact differently in the Lives of the Muslim. Because believer have faith they not only live on earth but they have to life afterward that's why the follow the Order of Allah and saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Muslims all over the world following their faith in the fifth Pillar of Islam, plan a holy joinery of Makkah or Medina. Hajj is mandatory for every Muslim who has both physical and monetary fitness to do so. On the other hand, Umrah that is also a holy visit but not mandatory. The difference between both of these practice are of Medan-e-Araft. In Umrah you do not have to do while in hajj this is one of important parts of it. Without it Hajj is not completed.

There are ways to schedule your Hajj or Umrah as you can travelling by air, by sea of by road. But this is all depend what is your geography that neighborhood to Holy cities. Suppose if you are living in neighboring country of Saudi Arabia then you can go there by road. If you are living in London then you will have to book your flight from London to Jeddah because flight is fastest mean to get you through from your place to desired place. This is not difficult for you to get your Hajj package from London as you are only contact away from your joinery.

Sleet your Hajj package as we are dealing in cheap, 3 star or 5 star packages for 2022. The ranking of these packages are according to the affordability of the customer. Some Muslim bother and sisters do not have that much money to spend. On the other hand Muslims who have ample money to spend get luxury hajj packages so as to but maximum comfort. You can also select your hajj package according to your financial need as we are right here to make tailor-made hajj packages for 2016.Both the connected and direct flights are scheduled from London to Jeddah as both have different cost. Fly with us for your holy journey to make it memorable because we are offering exactly what we are committing.

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