Things You Should Know Before Entering Into The State Of Ihram

Things You Should Know Before Entering Into The State Of Ihram

Are you planning to perform Umrah this year? If yes, one of the most significant things that you must be aware of is how to get into the state of Ihram because without entering in the state of Ihram, a person cannot enter Meeqat which is the limit around city Makkah. Hence, Pilgrims should take their direction of journey into consideration. Ihram is very commonly understood as mere two white coloured sheets of cloth that man wear while performing Hajj or Umrah. So what accurately is Ihram? The term 'Ihram' literally means to make haraam or forbidden. As soon as Haji (pilgrim) declares his Niyyah or intention of Umrah and utters Talbiyah, certain allowed (halal) things become forbidden (haraam) for him or her. This combined act of Niyyah (intention) and Talbiyah is recognized as Ihram. If someone just wears the 2 white sheets without pronouncing his niyyah (intention) and uttering Talbiyah, he has not yet entered into the state of Ihram.
It is always better to revisit the steps of getting into the state of Ihram before you head for Umrah. Here is a step by step process to rightly get into the state of Ihram.

Ihran Clothing Rules - Things forbidden into Ihram

1- Preparations for Ihram:
Cut your nails, remove all unwanted body hairs, trim your moustache, shape your beard and comb your hair.

2- Purification (Taharah):
Make an intention (niyyah) of Ihram and take a bath. Or else, you can perform Wudhu (ablution). One thing to keep in mind here is that there are 2 aspects of purifying yourself that are;
Purifying your whole body by taking a shower or just by performing wudhu and second; internal purification that is done by sincerely apologizing for your sins.

3- Ihram clothing or Sheets:
Men must wear the 2 sheets of white garment. One is used to cover the upper part of the body and another sheet to cover the lower part of body. For women, the normal garments that they wear are the Ihram except of covering their hands and face. Both are expected to wear those flip flops sandal so that the middle bones of the upper part of the feet remain uncovered or exposed.

4- Offer Nafil Namaz:
If the time is not unwanted or undesirable (Makruh), then offer 2 Rakat of Nafil namaz for Ihram and cover your head while you do so.

5- Niyyat and Talbiyah:
Make the intention or Niyyah. Right after this, speak the words of Talbiyah 3 times and later on try to say it as frequently as possible. Though, remember that Talbiyah is spoken in a loud voice by men and in a low voice by women.

6- Dua:
After when you are done with Niyyah and Talbiyah, recite Darood Shareef and keep supplicating to ALLAH Almighty.

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